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GSS to Launch New Methane Sensor at Sensor+Test 2022
Pioneers in LED NDIR Infra-Red Gas Sensors to Expand its Product Range by Introducing a New Industry-Leading Methane Sensor to their Product Portfolio at Sensor+Test 2022.
Gas Sensing Solutions Website Becomes Multilingual 15/12/2021
Gas Sensing Solutions - a pioneer in solid-state NDIR infra-red gas sensors has added a multilingual option to its website. Following on from the launch of its brand-new website earlier this year, this major upgrade now offers customers the option to view
Pioneers in Solid State Gas Sensors Launches New Website 13/05/2021
Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd.’s New Website Features Parametric Search Function, Easy to Use Navigation with Fresh New Design
New Sensor Evaluation Board from Gas Sensing Solutions 22/01/2021
GSS has just launched a new Sensor Evaluation Board to market. The SEB allows users to easily assess the performance of a GSS CO₂ Sensor in real-time while assessing the suitability for their application with no need to write software in advance.
New Ultra-Low-Power CO₂ Sensor from Gas Sensing Solutions 29/09/2020
The CozIR®-LP3 includes on-board power management, allowing the user to control sensor power consumption during measurements and when the sensor is inactive. The user can reduce active current consumption to <1µA without switching off the sensor.
New High-Speed CO₂ Sensor from Gas Sensing Solutions 15/04/2020
Gas Sensing Solutions, a pioneer in solid-state gas sensors, has launched a new ultra-high-speed CO₂ sensor. The SprintIR®-R takes a reading every 20 milliseconds, making it amongst the fastest solid-state CO₂ sensors available today.
Gas Sensing Solutions Expands Product Portfolio with EvaluatIR® 30/01/2020
GSS has today announced the launch of the new EvaluatIR range of CO₂ evaluation kits. The EvaluatIR-A and EvaluatIR-M evaluation kits provide users with a convenient way to evaluate GSS CO₂ sensor technology in an easy-to-use battery powered package.
Gas Sensing Solutions Appoints Julian Hayes as New CEO 13/01/2020
Gas Sensing Solutions has announced the appointment of Julian Hayes as Chief Executive Officer, taking over from Calum MacGregor who is retiring after 14 years with the company.
Gas Sensing Solutions Launch a Revolutionary New Low Power CO₂ Sensor to Market 26/09/2019
GSS continue their rapid international expansion plan by creating the lowest power CO₂ sensor on the market – The CozIR®-Blink. This comes just 3 months after the successful launch of 2 new sensors in June of this year.
New GSS Partner l Global Technology Distributor 18/06/2019
Gas Sensing Solutions and Digi-Key Electronics have announced a partnership to distribute the GSS CO₂ sensor product range. Gas Sensing Solutions and Digi-Key Electronics have announced a partnership to distribute the GSS CO₂ sensor product range.
CO₂ sensors blasted into outer space again! 12/11/2018
Our Carbon Dioxide sensors are heading for the far reaches of the galaxy once again! The CozIR®-A CO₂ sensor will be launched into space as part of the ‘Let’s Talk Science’ Action Project, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency.